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Delicious Lentil Stew with Carrots!!

Lentil Stew (CC photo by formalfallacy courtesy of Flickr) You are probably already well acquainted with this tasty and highly nutritious member of the legume family – lentils. How nutritious? Well, where do I begin? The fact that lentils are extremely high in fiber benefits us in many ways. The high fiber content in lentils […]

Tequila…From Mexico to the World!

Shot of Tequila (CC photo by courtesy of Flickr) No one can deny that Tequila is unique and no other drink in the world can be compared with it. It is an amazing product and is the result of the fusion of 2 different cultures. If we talk about the pre-hispanic people that lived […]

For the meat lovers…Carne Asada (Grilled Steak)

Carne Asada (Grilled Steak) is most commonly a marinated and grilled flank or skirt steak which can be used in a wide variety of ways. Of course, you can eat it alone. However, slicing it for tacos and adding some grilled cambray onions (like green onions, but with a larger bulb), grilled nopales (from the […]

Preparing a classic: Pico de Gallo!

Each region in Mexico has it’s own unique twist on the pico de gallo salsa, but it always includes coarsely chopped fresh vegetables or fruit. Some say the name, which means “rooster beak”, comes from the fact that the Serrano chili peper bears a striking resemble to a rooster’s beak. Others say it’s due to […]