Mexican Coffee – World Class Coffee

There are many things to say about the flavor, aroma, and unique intensity of Mexican Coffee. It is considered one of the best coffees worldwide, it’s flavor differing according to the region the coffee beans are grown in.

The main production of coffee beans is founded in the southern region of Mexico. Places like Oaxaca, Coatepec and Chiapas are the most famous regions where coffee is produced. According to experts, what gives coffee beans their flavor is the altitude where they’re planted, either in high altitudes or low regions, which is why those areas are the best for these plants.

it is worth mentioning that Mexican Coffee is famous due to it’s wide variety of flavors and bodies, from Chiapas’ light to medium body and sharp acidity to Coatepec’s mild light body and fruity sweetness.

Another interesting fact is that more people in Mexico prefer drinking black coffee (no sugar or cream) because it really highlights the flavor and body of the coffee. Also, far from being a luxury item, you may be surprised to find really good deals on the most famous coffee brands. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a nice cup of Mexican Coffee.

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