Michelada: Mexican Beer Cocktail


Michelada (CC photo by Hartford Courant)

Some people may consider that Michelada is a cheap imitation of the famous “Bloody Mary Cocktail” that mixes instead of vodka, beer. Whatever the case, the mixing of beer with hot sauce comes from the 40’s when Mexican People made very popular this mix. In recent years, due to the popularity of the drink, now you can find at some stores the pre-made mixes ready to pour along with your favorite beer. But what is really a Michelada? The Micheladas are a spicy beer cocktails popular in northern Mexico. The cocktail‘s name is derived from “mi-chela-helada” or “my-cold-light beer“. What is a fact is that in a hot day, is the perfect mix to drink.


  • 12 oz of Beer (it is best non-dar like Corona or Dos XX)
  • 6 oz Clamato
  • 2 Dashes of Salsa Inglesa or Worcester Sauce
  • 2 Dashes Tabasco brand hot sauce
  • Juice from 2 green limes
  • 1 Pinch coarse ground black pepper
  • 1 Pinch salt


Mix all the ingredients except the beer into a shaker and shake briefly. Pour clamato mix and beer into a 22 oz pilner glass or in a tarro with a little ice. Make sure you don’t pour to fast the beer, because it will foam up. Rimming the glass with celery salt is optional. Now the Michelada is ready to drink. Delicious isn’t it?

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