Fresh Watermelon Water – Agua de Sandia


  • About 1/2 of a Medium Watermelon
  • Cold Water, enough to make 2 liters
  • White Sugar, to taste
  • Ice Cubes, optional


Remove the rind and cube the watermelon. (To make things easier, you can use seedless watermelon and skip the straining step later.)

Fill a blender with cubed watermelon and about a cup of cold water.

Blend until smooth and seeds are broken up into smaller pieces.

Pour the purée through a sieve set over a large pitcher. Stir the purée being strained to help separate the seed fragments.

Discard the seed fragments, and repeat the blending and straining steps for the remaining watermelon. Add enough cold water to the pitcher to make two liters. Be sure to sample the water before adding sugar to taste, and stir well to dissolve.

Cover and refrigerate until well-chilled, or serve immediately on ice.

Recipe Posted by Lindsay

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