Mexican Beer…Which one is your favorite?


Every time someone mentions Mexican Beer, the first brand that comes to one’s mind is Corona. While it’s true that Corona represents Mexico in over 150 countries worldwide and it’s among the “Top Ten” beers in the world, there are other beer options here in Mexico that you need to know about.

The majority of the beers are produced by the 2 big beer corporations: FEMSA (which produces Tecate, Sol, Dos Equis, Carta Blanca, Superior, Indio, Bohemia and Noche Buena) and Grupo Modelo (producing Corona, Corona Light, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Modelo Light, and Pacifico). There are also some minor brands distributed locally, like Victoria, Estrella, Leon and Montejo.

Now the question is: Which one is your favorite? In my case, it’s hard to answer that question without disappointing people. But I’m going to take the risk and talk about 2 of my favorite beers: Negra Modelo and Noche Buena.


Negra Modelo (CC photo by Tamara Paz courtesy of Flickr)

What makes Negra Modelo different from other Mexican beers? Let’s take a closer look. To begin with, it’s called “La Crema de la Cerveza” (the elite of beers). Can you see why in the picture? Yes, it’s a dark, Munich-style beer. Although some might say it’s Vienna-style, it’s too dark to be such. Some people would even compare it to Bohemia, the equivalent beer produced from Negra Modelo’s competitor, but in my opinion Bohemia’s flavor and thickness are very different from Negra Modelo. At any rate, you should try a glass of this beer and form your own opinion. I definitely recommend it!


On the other hand, we have Noche Buena. This beer is special due to the fact that it’s only released at the end of the year, precisely when many people in Mexico celebrate “La Noche Buena” or “Christmas Eve”. It looks like a typical Vienna. It has a dark brown color with a small white foamy head, a slightly malty aroma, and rich caramel and toast flavors. It’s normally sold an a 12-pack, and it cost around $8 dollars a box. You wouldn’t believe what you’re drinking!!

In general, there are many options for any taste or criteria. You should find out for yourself what the best beer in Mexico is, but I’m sure about one thing – your opinion about Mexican beer won’t be the same as it was before.

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2 Responses to “Mexican Beer…Which one is your favorite?”

  1. I’ve only had Corona but I love the look of the Negra Modelo.

  2. Mexico has a good brewing culture if you look past Sol and Corona.

    The dark version of Modelo is indeed a lovely beer.

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