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Cantaloupe Water Recipe – Agua de Melon

Fresh fruit waters are very popular here in Mexico, especially when the temperature goes up. Try this agua de melon (cantaloupe water). It’s quick, easy, and wonderfully refreshing. Ingredients: 1 Cantaloupe Melon Cold Water, enough to make 2 quarts 1/4 Cup-1/2 Cup Sugar, or to taste Ice Cubes, optional Directions: Wash and dry cantaloupe, then […]

Cafe de Olla (Mexican Spiced Coffee Recipe)

Picture by Lorenia Flickr A traditional coffee that it´s a must drink to start the day´s activities. But we are not talking about regular coffee, this cafe de olla is unique because is sweetened with piloncillo and it has to be prepared in a clay bowl. Here the recipe: Ingredients: 4 Cups of water 4 […]

Mexican Strawberry Water Recipe

Ingredients: 4 Cups strawberries, cored and sliced 1/2 Cup White Sugar, or to taste 7-8 Cups Cold Water 8 Fresh Mint Sprigs (optional) 1 Lime, cut into 8 wedges (optional) Directions: Dissolve sugar in 4 cups of water. Stir to dissolve completely. Combine the strawberries and the sugar water mixture in a blender, and puree […]

Jamaica Flower Iced Tea Recipe

Becky Luigart Stayner Jamaica flower iced tea is prepared from a flower called Jamaica (hibiscus sabdariffa) and its very popular here in Mexico. It is said that this flower arrived to Acapulco on the ships coming from India as part of the trade of products between the Nueva España and Asia. In Egypt, this flower […]

Pulque – The story behind the drink

Pulque is another traditional beverage (3-4 % alcohol) made from the juice of the maguey or agave plant. Is this beverage the same as tequila? No, tequila is fermented and destilled to make a strong alcohol, while pulque is a milky , slightly foamy and somewhat viscous beverage made by fermeting (not destilling) the fresh […]

Michelada: Mexican Beer Cocktail

Michelada (CC photo by Hartford Courant) Some people may consider that Michelada is a cheap imitation of the famous “Bloody Mary Cocktail” that mixes instead of vodka, beer. Whatever the case, the mixing of beer with hot sauce comes from the 40’s when Mexican People made very popular this mix. In recent years, due to […]

Margarita Drink

Margarita (CC photo by Food Colors) Margaritas…who can say that doesn’t know this drink? They are considered one of the most famous cocktails representavives of Mexico. Everybody knows this drink and the stories behind it about its origin, the possible reason why it was called Margarita, and the similarities with the flower that is name […]