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Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise (CC photo by Ankale courtesy of Flickr) Yes! A Tequila Sunrise…who can deny that this drink looks so refreshing and delicious! It’s no wonder that this drink inspired songwriter Glen Frey of The Eagles (one of my favorite bands) to name one of his classics “Tequila Sunrise” because, as the story goes, he […]

Mexican Beer…Which one is your favorite?

Every time someone mentions Mexican Beer, the first brand that comes to one’s mind is Corona. While it’s true that Corona represents Mexico in over 150 countries worldwide and it’s among the “Top Ten” beers in the world, there are other beer options here in Mexico that you need to know about. The majority of […]

Mexican Soda-Have you tried it?

Sodas (CC photo by avsfan1321 courtesy of Flickr) Sorry! Even though these drinks are incredible popular in Mexico, they’re not originally from here. They’re good though. But did you know that Mexico has it’s own line of Mexican Soda? You won’t see them in this picture, so let me introduce some of the most popular […]

Tequila…From Mexico to the World!

Shot of Tequila (CC photo by courtesy of Flickr) No one can deny that Tequila is unique and no other drink in the world can be compared with it. It is an amazing product and is the result of the fusion of 2 different cultures. If we talk about the pre-hispanic people that lived […]