Tino’s Restaurant – Punta Mita


It was the third day of our honeymoon in the paradisaic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were looking for a place where we could enjoy the ocean on a more relaxing and quiet beach, far away from the crowded beaches of Puerto Vallarta. We were recommended by a local to go to Nayarit, about a 50-minute-drive away from Puerto Vallarta to a place called Punta Mita. Apparently, there we could find the peace we were looking for, so we drove there, and guess what? The first place that caught our attention was Tino’s Restaurant.

The entrance of the restaurant was so nice and different from the other places that we decided to go in there and take a look at the menu, hoping that the prices weren’t too high. I realized that staying at Tino’s restaurant was a good decision, not only when I saw the reasonable prices, but also when we got to the beach and saw just a couple of kids playing with some rock on the shore. Finally! A quiet and beautiful beach!!


The day was hot, and we were hungry, so we wanted to order some food and drink something. Two things from the menu caught our attention: the crab tacos (on the left in the photo) that are prepared with tortillas and a little chipotle cream, and the marlin tacos (on the right) wrapped in flour tortillas.


Of course, none of these delicious appetizers would be complete without the best Mexican Beer, Negra Modelo!!


The day was fantastic! And little by little, people started trickling into this wonderfully secluded spot, mainly people from the U.S and Canada.


As you know, time flies, so after a few hours we were ready for lunch. Once again we took a look at the menu, and this time we were interested in some of the house specialties. My wife, Lindsay, ordered shrimp a la diabla from the traditional dishes (left in the photo), covered with a delicious spicy sauce and accompanied by some buttery steamed vegetables. In my case, I ordered one of the specialties, shrimp in a blanket (right in the photo), that is bacon-wrapped, cheddar cheese-stuffed grilled shrimp with a scrumptious pineapple mustard cream dipping sauce, a baked potato and buttery steamed vegetables on the side.


Everything was absolutely fantastic! And as you can see, the portions of the meals were very good. Definitely the best place we could have chosen to stay at that day. We were so enchanted with the place the we decided to come back 2 days later. If you plan to visit Puerto Vallarta, Tino’s Restaurant in Punta Mita is a must on your “to do” list. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

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