Fruit Salad – A Healthy Temptation!


In many cities in Mexico, whether you go downtown to the zocalos (little plazas basically created for families to gather on weekends) or to other areas in the city, you’ll find stands selling a wide variety of fruit salads, and I’m not kidding when I say that there’s no force in the universe that can stop your mouth from watering!

Now, it is a well-known fact that we have to be careful with the produce we eat here because if it’s not washed and treated with disinfectand (like microdyn or another brand), you can get parasites or an infection, and the joy you derived from that fruit will vanish and turn into something quite different in a few hours.

So, what can you do to satisfy your craving for a fruit salad and still be free from the risk of an infection? The answer is simple – make your own fruit salad!

Whether you’re at home or you’re traveling through Mexico, it is very easy to get some seasonal fruits and make a refreshing, juicy fruit salad. In most of the local mercados (food markets) in Mexico you can find great bargains on fresh fruit rather than paying more at the supermarkets.


Mexican Fruit Stand (CC photo by Leicentious courtesy of Flickr)

First, select your favorite fruits, making sure they’re not overripe. At home, wash them thouroughly, or if you prefer, put them in a bowl filled with water and the indicated number of drops of a disinfectand solution. After approximately 10-15 minutes, take them out of the bowl and dry them off. Then, depending on the type of fruit, peel it, cut it up, or leave it whole. By the way, if papaya is one of your chosen fruits, remember to keep those black seeds and throw them in with your salad. The seeds taste a lot like black peper, but they’re excellent for your stomach!. Layer the fruit in an attractive dish, and you may want to start with bigger pieces of fruit on the bottom, with smaller pieces layerd on top. Some people like to add yogurt, honey, granola, and/or nuts. Now you are ready to enjoy a healthy and delicious treat. Enjoy!!


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  1. Your photography is stunning!!! Congrats

  2. wow, this looks like so much fun, so colorful and lively.

  3. Good read – I’m happy:glad I found this. I was looking for something new to try making when I saw this.I enjoy cooking a lot and just picked up a new set of kitchen knives to try out so I am stoked

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